At Essentially Aromatherapy we believe in the fundamental principle of balance. Balance is defined in the dicitionary as 'the state in which you spread yourself equally so that you do not fall' (Merrriam-Webster Dictionary). However there are times in life that we do trip, or fear the threat of tripping, times when our falls signify life changing moments on our paths, and times when it feels like there is just one too many obstacles for us to climb. Whatever the situation may be, we are committed to providing services that are holistic in nature and authentically incorporate mind, body and spirit.

We are so pleased to be able to offer Lynne Bakers services as part of Essentially Aromatherapy. To have a Psychologist and Psychotherapist with such extensive experience, offering a holistic, transpersonal approach to therapy reflects our belief in the importance of sustaining wellness at all levels, mind, body and spirit. 

Lynne is a highly qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Psychologist with over 20 years of experience. Her work as a consultant and therapist has allowed her to fine tune her approach to therapy, using tools such as Dream Work, Earth Based Psychology, Active Imagination, Gestalt and Process Oriented Psychology. Lynne’s approach is supportive, non-judgmental and collaborative, with a healthy touch of humour. She has extensive training in Process Oriented Psychology which at its core is a practice of awareness that draws attention to dream-like experiences that are happening in the everyday flow of experience in a person’s life. Lynne approaches the problems people face with an understanding that

life’s struggles and conflicts are meaningful, and hold the keys to healing.

She operates under the philosophy that:


  • Childhood dreams have a huge potential to guide us to our authentic selves.


  • Compassion and our unique Spirituality are helpful in bringing us closer to our true nature.

  • Our dreams and body symptoms contain messages about developing and improving our relationship with ourselves and the world.

Areas of Speciality include:

  • Life Direction

  • Body symptoms & health - Symptoms, such as back pain, migraine and skin conditions are can isolate us and impact on how we view ourselves and the world. They can also be seen as the body's deep request for us to change and grow

  • Life transitions - Life transitions can be challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of uncertainty. Some life transitions are welcome, such as buying a new home, moving to a new country, starting a new job, others feel they are not of our choosing. Transitions like looking after an aging parent, losing a parent or a loved one, retirement or irregular employment, moving from school/university to a job can lead to a loss of our sense of where we fit in the world.

  • Women's issues - such as birth of a child, menopause, changing lifestyle and/or parenting responsibilities

  • Work related issues including  career development 

  • Self esteem 

  • Internet dating

Services Include:

  • Counselling

  • Psychotherapy

  • Dream Therapy 

  • Body Symptoms

  • Individual Clinical Supervision for Counsellors, therapists and practitioners from health, education, business, theatre and the arts.

Consultations are available in Person, Online or by Phone. 



Initial Consultation (60 mins) $120

Individual Session (60 mins) $140

Clinical Supervision (60 mins) $150

(Please note: due to the nature of psychotherapy these services are suitable for adults aged 21 and over)



You may be eligible for a rebate from your Private Health Insurance. In many cases, this can significantly reduce the cost of sessions. The amount you can claim back varies from fund to fund, and from cover to cover, please check your entitlements with your health fund.


Medicare: Mental Health Care Plan - Sorry not available at this time.



Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Process Oriented Psychology Diploma

Masters of Business Administration

Diploma of Screen



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