Lemongrass Essential Oil - Organic

Lemongrass Essential Oil - Organic

A potent purifying essential oil with a refreshing lemony, herbal aroma! Lemongrass oil contains high quantities of geranial and neral—together known as “citral.” Citral makes lemongrass a powerful choice for cleaning the whole house. Use it for areas where germs and fungi like to gather, such as the shower stall. While lemongrass’s aroma is calming, citral can irritate skin, so dilute this oil well for topical blends.


Lemongrass essential oil is ideal for inhalation and cleaning. Dilute it well and use a low drop count. Use it for muscles, joints, immune support, reducing germs, repelling bugs, stress relief, and relaxation. Clean the tub, tile, and sink with a lemongrass oil spray. (Is there anything more relaxing than a fresh, clean room? For a sore, tender ankle, make a soothing recovery blend with just a drop or two of lemongrass in carrier oil. When your mind is running in circles, make a room spray with lemongrass essential oil. It can calm worries and help you relax.


Ingredients: Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil * * Denotes Certified

OrganicBotanical name: Cymbopogon flexuosus

Common name: Lemongrass

Extraction method: Steam distilled

Plant part: Leaves

Physical Uses: Lemongrass oil has been known to tighten the elastin fibers in the epidermis and has traditionally been used as part of a treatment for sports injuries, such as sprains and bruises. Recommended for achy joints, circulation, excessive perspiration, acne (with caution), insect relief, jetlag and to combat germs.

Mental Uses: Invigorates, clarity, joy, enthusiasm, relieve stress, restore balance after stress

Spiritual Uses: Traditionally used for clearing the mind and space prior to contemplation, mediation and prayer.

Emotional Uses: Traditionally used to improve feelings of belonging, harmonious group interations, self cofidence.

Complementary Crystals: Carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, sunstone

Affirmations: I am grateful for my sense of belonging; I am blessed with self confidence; I feel energised; I am healthy and at peace.

Note: Top

Strength of aroma: Strong

Aromatic scent: Strong, grassy, herbaceous and citrus aroma

Caution: According toEssential Oil Safety by Tisserand and Young (second edition), this oil may irritate skin and mucous membranes, use at 0.7% maximum. May be skin sensitizing. Use caution for young children. It is also suggested the use of citral be restricted to 0.5% maximum on the skin during pregnancy. Oils containing citral should be avoided with antidepressants (specifically Bupropion) that inhibits CYP2B6 enzyme. Oils high in Citral are known to be a mucous membrane irritantNon-toxic. It may cause sensitisation and irritation in some individuals. Avoid during pregnancy and nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Keep away from eyes and mucas membranes. Do not apply directly to the skin.  Store in a cool dark place. 




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