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New Services and September Special.

We are so pleased to introduce our Energetic Healing Services. I can't believe how fast the year has gone. Back in May I finally finished my Reiki Master Practitioner Course which has taken me on amazing personal journey and has taught me just how much I love working on an energetic level. As an aromatherapist I was already working with energy but becoming a Reiki practitioner has allowed me to use that energy so much more effectively. Since then I have been seeing clients but time is always such a precious resource and finding enough of it to put the new services up on the website has certainly been a while coming.

In a nutshell Reiki to me is channeling the Universal life force/energy that is bountiful around us. It doesn't come from me, the energy flows through me to assist with bringing about more balance in peoples lives.

In fact all energetic healing is directed around this philosophy of balance and given this is my fundamental tenet in life there is no surprise as to why I love energetic healing.

Reiki then brought about another change for me, I found that in giving Reiki to others, I was often receiving information that needed to be passed on to my clients. So as part of any reiki session I am happy to provide that information (time permitting) if you so desire.

Many years ago I use to regularly give readings at a natural therapy clinic in Glebe. Time and priorities shifted and I moved in a different direction but ironically since providing Reiki treatments, I have again reached for my oracle deck and found myself giving readings, albeit a bit differently than I use to. These days I find myself providing readings from a more spiritual perspective.

Spiritual readings can confirm information from your Higher Self and delve deeper into surrounding issues. Spiritual readings are generally more interactive and encourage you to participate in the learning process. It is not a process where you should try to test your reader by giving incorrect information or trying to be vague. It's a two-way interaction with a common goal - to help you evolve to a higher level, to take the next step. It can awaken dormant emotions which if processed appropriately, can be used to initiate a healing process in an area that was once considered a block. If you are looking for a predictive, 'what is going to happen next' reading, I'm not the reader for you. If you are looking at self development, finding new ways to deal with situations and moving forward, why not book in for a reading. If you have the time I would highly recommend the combination of an hour reiki session and 30 minute reading. I may/may not use cards with these sessions as the energy flows so beautifully from one treatment into another, I find they are often not necessary.

Flowing naturally from both the Reiki and readings is another strand of our energetic healing services - Australian Bush Flower Essences. You may be familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies, or Rescue Remedy. The bush flowers are the Australian vibrational medicine equivalent. Often when I'm working with Reiki and or doing readings, suggestions for flower essences will also come through. You also have the option of coming in specifically for a flower consultation or drop in and peruse the essence directory and come up with your own blend. Flower essences are another great way of developing the self. We can also blend essences with our essential oils and come up with some fantastic spritzers, lotions and potions in our dispensary which is now selling 100% pure essential oils.

Finally we also have our Aromatica treatment which is a signature aromatherapy treatment using essential oils on an energetic level. I will blog more about this amazing new service soon, but all our information is on our energetic healing page of the website.

My previous training as a psychologist, counsellor and mental health practitioner, combined with Reiki, Australian bush flower essence training and my own spirituality means I'm not afraid to look at the hard stuff and am qualified to deal with the emotions that may arise, referring when necessary. ​ I do believe however that true and lasting healing can only come from within you and your own divine connection to Source ~ guides and readers can help you to look in directions that may help you move forward on that journey. Appreciate them for that, but don’t give your power over to them.

All our prices and packages can be found on our site:

30 minute reading/reiki session: $35

60 minute reiki session $60

...but I promised you a September Special. Book in for a Reiki session and receive your 30 minute spiritual reading absolutely free!

Now for the fine print. You need to book this before the 30th September 2017 but you have until October 14th to have your treatment. This offer is not available on Saturdays.

To make a booking: hop online and book The Reiki Reading Package in the Energetic Healing section. In comments of your booking form write "blog special" or give us a call/text 0426247313.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


PS: Many of our gift vouchers are not available for purchase online.

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