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New Arrivals

We have some exciting new arrivals in store at the moment.

Our inhalers finally arrived and we have already seen some fantastic results with sinusitis. Inhalers are great for times when you don't want to impose on others with essential oils, great for colds, sinus and flus and highly effective as they are so concentrate. Use them for anxiety, concentration, headaches, blocked sinus, nausea, labor, stress, or just a little aromatherapy lift. The possibilities are endless and the price is right $10. Depending on levels of use 4-6 weeks before a top up is required. Book a free consult Tuesday mornings and have your inhalers custom blended to suit your needs.

"A big thank you for my inhaler. As someone who has suffered from chronic sinus issues leading to no sleep, snoring unable to breathe and the list goes on for years and years. I wish to thank you for my first good nights sleep in years. No snoring, breathing through a nose that was unblocked. I got up feeling the best i have felt in a long time. My inhaler you made me is GOLD GOLD AND MORE GOLD. Thank you so very much." Vicky Defrenza

The Aromatherapy Diffusers have also arrived and they are lovely! Intermittent or constant mist, single, multiple or no light options. 100ml water tank. Will last at least 4 hrs on constant mist, 6 hours on intermittent mist. Only $49.

Need essential oils? Our basic 10ml single essential oils such as peppermint, lemon, lavender, orange, rosemary, bergamot, and lime $20. Or get yourself a custom blended essential oil to target a specific health issue such as: sleep difficulties, stress, low mood, concentration, or breath easier $22. Want to buy a 3 pack? We have a special deal at the moment where you can buy 3 essential oils (blended or single for) $50 (save $10-$16). To ensure we are available to greet you at the door and not in an appointment, contact 0426 247 313. Or book in for a massage and get your dffuser why you are here :)

Why use a Diffuser? Therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy diffusers are fabulous: 1. they aid sleep and relaxation (try lavender, marjoram, neroli and orange); 2. energise and elevate mood (lemon, Vetiver and Rosemary); 3. purify the air, assisting at keeping flus and virus at bay. Certain oils act as both an aerial antiseptic and boost the immune system (lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils are a great combination); 4. assist in breathing easier when you have respiratory issues (try frankincense to open the airways); 5. Aid Pain Relief - use a diffuser to extend the effects of essential oils on the body. This method is an excellent way to combat persistent pain such as that caused by headaches, sore joints, and overworked muscles (ginger, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, clary sage, rosemary, bergamot) 6. assist cognitive functions - assist in concentration, study and memory (Rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus and basil are great essential oil options!); 7. repel insects (rose geranium, lemongrass, cedarwood, may chang, tea tree) 8. are safer than candles and incense as they do not need an open flame; 9. keep you cool in summer - some essential oils have a febrifuge effect (cooling minty essential oils such as peppermint and spearmint help cool the body).

Another new arrival is our beautifully emollient Body Exfoliant. So if your skin is feeling dry, this thick and luscious body exfoliant will scrub those dead skin cells away. Have it completely customised to your skin type and aroma preferences with your clinical aromatherapist. Free consultation with an exfoliant purchase this week or book in for our free consultation Tuesday. Purchase on its own $35 (250g) or in a full body pack with aromatherapy spritzer, 200g moisturiser and natural poured soap $69

Finally our newly designed Gift Vouchers are here just in time for Fathers Day. If you are looking to spoil your dad or partner why not give him a gift voucher for a massage? Prices start from $35 for 30 minutes, $60 for an hour or $90 for 90 minutes. You can purchase vouchers over the phone with a credit care and we will post them free of charge.

Any questions don't hesitate to call :) 0426247313

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