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Relax, unwind, de-stress and rid your body of muscle tension and pain.

Pamper your skin with luxe essential oils and custom blended skin care. Unwind in a tranquil setting with an aromatherapy foot soak, salt lamps burning and essential oils diffusing. Melt into a massage or facial with qualified practitioners who are passionate about what they do. Be greeted as an individual and have your treatments expertly blended and customised to meet your needs by our Clinical Aromatherapist. ESSENTIALLY AROMATHERAPY provides Aromatherapy, Remedial, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release,  Pregnancy & Chair Massage; Dry Needling; custom blended aromatherapy skin care and other aromatherapy health treatments; facials; Energetic Healing; Psychology, Dream Therapy & Counselling services; and a variety of exclusive Spa packages. We keep our prices affordable and our quality high, as we believe in the importance of appropriate self care in a busy and hectic world. Regular massage and self care contribute enormously to better short and long term health, recovery from injury, and mental and emotional dis-ease. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend and start caring for your health and wellness today. Come in and Experience the Difference.  Book online, email, or phone for your appointment.


ESSENTIALLY AROMATHERAPY offers custom blended aromatherapy skin care & other aromatherapy health treatments & products; an over the counter dispensary; Facials, body wraps, scrubs & a variety of exclusive Spa packages. Aromatherapy treatments such as our full body scrubs, French clay wraps and facials will begin with a detailed consultation, consider chemical constituents of essential oils, carrier oils, and any possible contraindications with medications and health conditions. Only after this will your treatment be safely and beautifully blended to ensure we use the most appropriate ingredients for your treatment. 

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Offering huge savings, our spa therapy packages are beautifully indulgent, combine some of our best services and also allow you the freedom to create your own. "The Essentials" is a decadent 2hr experience, combining a custom blended aromatherapy massage, facial & foot soak. Or try the Indulgence Package, a complete treat for the body which includes a dry body exfoliation, aromatherapy body scrub, French Clay wrap and an Aromatherapy massage to nourish, rebalance and replenish the skin. Looking for something different? Why don't you DesignA Spa treatment. Create your own wellness package from our list of services to suit your individual needs. Your treatments will be custom blended specifically for your skin and health requirements using high quality ingredients such as Jojoba, Avocado and Borage oils, French and Australian Clays, Floral Hydrosols, Sea Salts, Pumice and essential oils. Packages are usually 2hrs in duration and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Health rebates available on some services.

The Signature Series

1.5-2hrs    $130

Imagine the therapeutic benefits in those 50 roses, that essential oil, expertly blended and massaged over the body, a massage that combines Swedish techniques and a variety of other natural therapies such as lymphatic drainage, reflexology, polarity therapy and shiatsu. Imagine that Rose oil mixed with gentle exfoliants and French clay masks, placed on the face whilst you lay back and relax into a gorgeous head massage. 50 roses, that essential oil, hydrating the skin, stimulating the endocrine system, relaxing the nervous system, aiding the reproductive system, reducing inflammation and detoxing the lymphatic system. Now imagine hundreds of essential oils that can be selected and blended to meet your skin type and your emotional, mental and physical health needs. At Essentially Aromatherapy you don't need to imagine. Come In & Experience the Difference.


Explore our unique over the counter dispensary containing over 80 essential oils; an array of delux carrier oils including borage, evening primrose, jojoba, wheatgerm, avocado and rosehip oil; the full range of Australian Bush Flower Essences; French Clays; hydrosols and a vast array of other natural remedies. Have your products custom blended while you wait or try one of our blends from our botanical range.

Visit Our Apothecary


We believe massage does not have to be painful to be therapeutic. In some instances pain can trigger muscles to tighten further in an attempt to protect itself. At Essentially Aromatherapy we realise that each individual will have different pressure requirements, we aim to meet your needs whilst operating from the principle that slow release of muscle tightness will create greater range of movement and provide better results. Some pain can be and feel "healing". We are guided by your feedback throughout our session to ensure appropriate massage pressure.


Pregnancy places enormous pressure on our body to adjust and accommodate babies ever changing needs. Mums also need care and support. Pregnancy massage can help with pain relief - easing hips, back, shoulder, neck and joint pain; fluid retention; muscle relaxation; stress reduction; improve sleep pattern; and stabilise blood pressure and hormonal changes. See our certificate qualified pregnancy massage practitioner and aromatherapist. Your oils will be safely blended based on your trimester and presenting issues and you will be massaged by a practitioner who has trained through Pregnancy Massage Australia. Essential oils will further enhance the wonderful benefits that pregnancy massage has to offer.



​Depending on your health care provider, you may be eligible for a rebate on  some services. Click here to find out more: 


Essentially Aromatherapy has a range of beautiful spa packages that combine some of our best services. "The Essentials Package" which includes bespoke botanical  aromatherapy massage and  aromatherapy facial plus aromatherapy foot soak is one of our most popular. An indulgent, 2 hour experience for yourself, or purchase one as a Gift Voucher when you want to treat a loved one with something healing and deluxe. Tis package shouldn't be missed. Head on over to our spa treatments and packages for more information.


With all services you have the option of purchasing your custom blended essential oils, as inhalations, massage oils, creams, cleansers, exfoliants, lotions and potions. Phone or book online for a free consultation. No expectations to buy. Come in, smell the oils, sample our products and have a cup of tea and a chat. We would love to meet you. For more information on our products and consults click here.

For any questions or bookings please do not hesitate to contact us by email, text or phone. Book today. Come in and Experience the Difference...

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